Nov. 21: GC Sandcastle Society Tampa munch

Big news for Tampa-area spankos!

Our first Tampa munch has been scheduled.

We had a great turnout for our first munch last month in Orlando, and now we’re hitting Tampa.

Please RSVP on the event page on FetLife.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 21
Time: 2-4 pm
Green Iguana imageLocation: The Green Iguana in Ybor City, 1708 East 7th Ave., Tampa, FL 33605. View map
Cost: Your own food or drink order
Dress: Vanilla casual

When you arrive at the restaurant, just ask the hostess to send you to the Gulf Coast Group seating. We are very exciting to see old friends and look forward to meeting new ones.

Spread the word, Tampa-area spankos, and see you there!



Welcome to the Sandcastle!!

Greetings fellow spanking enthusiasts. The Gulf Coast Sandcastle Society is now open for your pleasure and enjoyment.We’re a laid back, no hassle, no muss spanking group with the emphasis on spanking, spanking and more spanking. We hope that you’ll want to reacquaint yourselves with those folks you already know and welcome the many more who will join us in the near future. We’ll be holding many “roving” munches throughout the state of Florida to allow only the finest of spankos (that’s you) to get together, know about us and know about each other. The munches will be there to welcome any and all new folks into the spanking fold. The more the merrier? You bet.

But that’s not all. Soon to come will be announcements about beach-house spanking parties and, of course, a larger hotel party. As the name suggests, we will be concentrating our efforts on the side where the sun sets over the Gulf in spectacular fashion. What could be better than fun in the sand, fun indoors and a beautiful setting sun to get you in the mood for nighttime spankings as well.

So hello from us at the Gulf Coast Sandcastle Society. We predict that many spankings will be given and received in the name of good times.

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