Code of Conduct

NOTE: When you attend your first party you will be asked to sign a hard copy of this.  When you complete GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY LLC’s Application Form, you are agreeing to abide by the rules on this page. Read it completely, and if you have any questions, please ask us to clarify.

All play must be conducted within the parameters of the GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC guidelines, which are; a member based social organization dedicated to Safe, Sane, Consensual spanking play between consenting adults.

GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC events are held to allow like-minded spankos to come and enjoy the love of socializing and spanking. Spanking and related practices (paddling, strapping, flogging, caning, etc.) are the only fetish activities permitted in the public play spaces. Any other type of play between consenting adults must be limited to private rooms.


  • No Drugs are allowed at any event hosted/sponsored by GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC. If you attempt to bring in drugs, or it is discovered that you have drugs in your possession during the party you will asked to leave and will be expelled from the group permanently.
  • While alcohol is allowed, moderation is expected. If you appear to be intoxicated, you may be asked by a board member to call it a night.  Intoxication and play do not mix!!
  • No public play in any other part of the hotel is allowed during a hotel party hosted by GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC. All play must occur within the hospitality suites or in the privacy of a hotel room within our party’s blocked rooms. Keep your door closed! Vanilla families and children are always in this hotel. Please respect others.
  • Close your hotel room drapes when engaging in spanking activities.
  • No overtly fetish wear/clothing is allowed in ANY public spaces of the hotel.   Additionally, please be conscientious of your conversations about spanking and other fetish activities when around non-Sandcastle party guests and while in public spaces of the hotel.  We must be mindful of vanilla families at the hotel.
  • Full Nudity while in the hospitality suites or public party areas is not allowed. Panties/underwear may be pulled down during play, but be mindful of what is being exposed.  If your scene requires full nudity, please plan to conduct your scene in your guest room.
  • NO PICTURE OR VIDEO TAKING while in the hospitality suites or public party areas is allowed UNLESS you have the permission of EVERYONE who is within the field of view. Assume you do NOT have permission to shoot, until after you have asked for and received permission from everyone in sight! Please respect the privacy and discretion of others as you would expect them to respect yours!


  • Be friendly and get to know the other people a bit, share stories and background. Make friends. If someone turns down your invitation to play, accept it gracefully. NO MEANS NO! Don’t be pushy, you will have other opportunities to play.
  • Respect the limits of your play partner. Whether this is your first time playing together or not, talk about the limits of play BEFORE you start.  Participating in a spanking scene does NOT automatically mean one can assume fondling or other non-spanking related contact is part of the scene. If there was NO discussion of limits before play, you DO NOT HAVE CONSENT to do anything beyond spanking the spankee. All limits of play will abide by the rule that Verbal Consent should be made in the affirmative BEFORE play begins.  If the spankee is in sub-space or otherwise unable to communicate their wishes, the spanker should not go beyond the previously agreed upon limits of play.
  • Play will always be limited to the spankees’ discretion; if a spankee uses a safe-word, then play must stop until/unless such time as the spankee agrees that it may resume. EVERYONE is expected to help enforce the sanctity of safe-words. If you hear a safe-word used, watch to make sure the partner honors its use and intervene or notify a board member if they do not. IGNORING A PARTNERS SAFE-WORD IS CAUSE FOR EXPULSION!!


  • While the GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY , LLC membership is open to all people, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity or kink preferences, as a private organization we reserve the right to refuse membership to any person or persons we believe would not be a good fit for our social organization.
  • If a problem arises during any events hosted by GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC please bring it to the attention of one the board or committee members. We can’t help you with a problem if you don’t tell us about it!
  • Any action taken against a person or persons for rules violations will be strictly at the sole discretion of the GULF COAST SANDCASTLE SOCIETY, LLC board members and our decision will be final.

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