Won’t be long now!!


The party planning is in high gear now. Happy to say the hotel (aka the ENTIRE tower part of the hotel) is almost full and we’re very quickly reaching our party cap of 75-80 party attendees. We sure hope you’re one of them!

To those of you who attended last year, or those of you “newbies” who completed your application for this year’s party, be on the look out in your email for party updates (I finally caught up on everyone’s applications and payments, I think).

We’ll be sending out another email soon so you can pick your Dinner choices. Those of you who attended last year will remember the scrumptious choices at our elegant sit down dinner. As with last year, there will be a vegetarian choice as well.

For those of you who haven’t attended, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Come join the rest of us for Pizza, Ice Cream, Sandcastle building contest, Cocktail hour (FREE – OPEN bar), Dinner and a to die for Sunday Brunch. Or and not to mention SPANKING, SPANKING, SPANKING fun!

And we’re pleased that EMFToys will be returning this year!!

So don’t wait! Complete your application and/or pay your party fee and book your room. You don’t want to miss out!

Follow the chatter on our Fetlife Group too!

Sandcastle Crew



The Sandcastle Society is THRILLED to announce our 2019 party.  Save the dates: Sept. 26-30, 2019. Same awesome venue, same beach vibe. See information below.




If you’d like to attend our 2019 party, here’s what you need to do:
If you attended our 2018 party: you will NOT have to complete another application – you will receive an invitation in your email soon and you’ll just need to RSVP your desire to attend.

For those of you who registered last year, but did not end up coming: please complete the application again so we can complete the vetting process.

For those who have never registered to become a member of the group: please click on the Membership application above and complete the application. Once it’s received, someone from the Board will contact you to vet you. UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN VETTED, please do NOT assume you have been approved for group membership or that you are on the list to attend the party.

Party info:

Party fee: $175 per person ($180/per person if paid via PayPal) from now until July 15th. After July 15th, and if there are still event tickets available, the cost for late registration will be $190/per person ($195/per person if you pay with PayPal).

Rooms: Same great Gulf Front Deluxe Studio: Sunday-Thursday= $143.00; Friday & Saturday= $175.00 (Please note: a resort fee of $20 will be added per night)

Saturday dinner “theme” – to be announced soon

So mark your calendars, register or RSVP and plan on another extraordinary party vacation!

Kay and the Sand Castle Crew

Here it is..the Vendor Line up for Friday night!!

The Sandcastle crew is excited to announce the vendor line up for our inaugural event! Like our party the vendor fair will be low key and intimate, like shopping in your own little kinky boutique. We hope you’ll be as excited about these vendors as we are!

First one that will be joining us is EMF Toys! All of their products are handcrafted. They use exotic hardwoods and solid surface countertop materials to craft the highest quality spanking implements. Each toy is unique because they are created one at a time so no two are ever alike which means you’re guaranteed to get a one of a kind new toy. They will even work with you to turn your idea for a new implement into a reality! EMF Toys has even taken on projects that other manufacturers have turned down.

Make sure to stop by and check them out at Friday night’s meet and greet. If you aren’t familiar with EMF Toys and want to look around their website in advance to get some ideas for the new “must have” to add to your toy bag, here’s the link: EMF TOYS

Next, we are so excited to welcome FetShots as one of our vendors this year!
Some of you may be familiar with the owner/photographer, TheImpishElf. She has attended several parties in Florida and around the country in the past. She will not only have available sessions to book over the weekend but she will also be selling raffle tickets and one lucky winner will win a ½ hour photo shoot with this talented lady!
Make sure to stop by and saw hello to her on Friday, trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to schedule your very own spanking, boudoir, kinky or sexy photo shoot!
TheImpishElf’s work is gorgeous! If you’ve never seen it, go check out the samples of her photography on her website. Click the link below to get there: FetShots

And lastly, we will have a virtual vendor, Adam and Gillian! If you aren’t familiar with Adam and Gillian, their company has been in the business since 1987 and they have an extensive website where you’ll be sure to find that “implement of affection” you’ve been searching for. If you don’t see what you want, they will work with you to create your dream implement.

They weren’t able to join us for the weekend but Adam and Gillian have generously offered to extend a 15% discount exclusively to our party guests. You can pick up your discount code at the vendor fair on Friday and order anytime within the 30 days following the party. However, if you want a new strap to bring with you to the party, they have also graciously offered to extend an “early-bird” discount of 15% as well. Keep in mind you must be an approved party guest to be eligible.
Click below to visit their extensive website:  AdamandGillian


As you all know from a previous post, we have filled our block set of hotel rooms. We are also announcing that the party itself is full! We will continue to take any applications to be a member of our group, but if you are wanting to come to the October Party, we will have to place you on our waiting list.

We’re very sorry to those who may have wanted to come to this party, but please keep up to date with our group and our plans for our next party. If we have do anyone who needs to cancel, we will contact the person(s) on the waiting list.

Thanks to everyone who’s registered/paid and booked their hotel for the party. It was a wonderful surprise to have our party filled before the cut off date.

Kay and the SandCastle Crew

Hotel group/block rooms – GONE

Well that didn’t take long. We’ve now filled 3 floors and the penthouse floor for our first party! The hotel tells me there are no more rooms in our block and no more rooms available in the tower. So if you are one of those who have waited until the very end, you can still attend the party, but your room(s) will be in the main hotel.

FINAL cutoff for Registering for the party is September 15th. After that, it’ll be too late to get a party ticket. Don’t delay! If you are still interested in attending, go to the membership application tab and fill out an application.

For those of you who have paid and already booked your rooms, be on the look out for an email with more details about the menu for Saturday night dinner and to RSVP for Sunday Brunch.

It’s getting exciting around here. It’s going to be awesome!! Can’t wait to see everyone.

The Sandcastle Crew

Welcome to the Sandcastle!!

Greetings fellow spanking enthusiasts. The Gulf Coast Sandcastle Society is now open for your pleasure and enjoyment.We’re a laid back, no hassle, no muss spanking group with the emphasis on spanking, spanking and more spanking. We hope that you’ll want to reacquaint yourselves with those folks you already know and welcome the many more who will join us in the near future. We’ll be holding many “roving” munches throughout the state of Florida to allow only the finest of spankos (that’s you) to get together, know about us and know about each other. The munches will be there to welcome any and all new folks into the spanking fold. The more the merrier? You bet.

But that’s not all. Soon to come will be announcements about beach-house spanking parties and, of course, a larger hotel party. As the name suggests, we will be concentrating our efforts on the side where the sun sets over the Gulf in spectacular fashion. What could be better than fun in the sand, fun indoors and a beautiful setting sun to get you in the mood for nighttime spankings as well.

So hello from us at the Gulf Coast Sandcastle Society. We predict that many spankings will be given and received in the name of good times.

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