Here it is..the Vendor Line up for Friday night!!

The Sandcastle crew is excited to announce the vendor line up for our inaugural event! Like our party the vendor fair will be low key and intimate, like shopping in your own little kinky boutique. We hope you’ll be as excited about these vendors as we are!

First one that will be joining us is EMF Toys! All of their products are handcrafted. They use exotic hardwoods and solid surface countertop materials to craft the highest quality spanking implements. Each toy is unique because they are created one at a time so no two are ever alike which means you’re guaranteed to get a one of a kind new toy. They will even work with you to turn your idea for a new implement into a reality! EMF Toys has even taken on projects that other manufacturers have turned down.

Make sure to stop by and check them out at Friday night’s meet and greet. If you aren’t familiar with EMF Toys and want to look around their website in advance to get some ideas for the new “must have” to add to your toy bag, here’s the link: EMF TOYS

Next, we are so excited to welcome FetShots as one of our vendors this year!
Some of you may be familiar with the owner/photographer, TheImpishElf. She has attended several parties in Florida and around the country in the past. She will not only have available sessions to book over the weekend but she will also be selling raffle tickets and one lucky winner will win a ½ hour photo shoot with this talented lady!
Make sure to stop by and saw hello to her on Friday, trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to schedule your very own spanking, boudoir, kinky or sexy photo shoot!
TheImpishElf’s work is gorgeous! If you’ve never seen it, go check out the samples of her photography on her website. Click the link below to get there: FetShots

And lastly, we will have a virtual vendor, Adam and Gillian! If you aren’t familiar with Adam and Gillian, their company has been in the business since 1987 and they have an extensive website where you’ll be sure to find that “implement of affection” you’ve been searching for. If you don’t see what you want, they will work with you to create your dream implement.

They weren’t able to join us for the weekend but Adam and Gillian have generously offered to extend a 15% discount exclusively to our party guests. You can pick up your discount code at the vendor fair on Friday and order anytime within the 30 days following the party. However, if you want a new strap to bring with you to the party, they have also graciously offered to extend an “early-bird” discount of 15% as well. Keep in mind you must be an approved party guest to be eligible.
Click below to visit their extensive website:  AdamandGillian

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